We provide integrated Advertising, Branding, Corporate & Marketing communications.

We are an integrated communications agency based out of Gurgaon, India, specializing in a 360 degree span of customized marcom offerings. Our brew of strategy, creative and ideas amplifies our clients’ ‘why me’ messaging powerfully by helping them craft a signature voice that is audible above the market clutter, and engages audiences memorably, measurably and cost-intelligently.

Our Work

This isn’t just our finest hour, but our happiest one, too. The moment when we present slices of Maxim Marcom Thinking in the form of creatives that capture the big (little) ideas that have delighted our clients in the past. By no means does it cover everything we’ve done, but it certainly captures what we love to do.

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Be it end-to-end, turnkey solutions or one-off inspirational creatives, we help our clients combine the best of digital, social, print and electronic media to create memorable brand experiences for their customers, and take them from where they are, to where they want to be, in the shortest possible time.


We believe in advertising that’s fat-free, focused and adds a touch of ‘Whoa’ to what you have to say. By combining the power of the big idea with the right timing, opportunity and vehicle, we create memorable ads (across the B2B and B2C landscape) that hit home the point, and leave a lingering message.

  • Online Advertising

    When it comes to the internet, we have a fine tuned sense of what works and what doesn’t (after all, it’s where we spend a lot of time). Be it rich media banners, MPU’s, skyscrapers, page takeovers or virals, we can rustle up an advertising campaign to make your product or initiative unmissable across markets and audiences(some you perhaps didn’t even know existed).

  • Outdoor Advertising

    Be it shows, events, fairs or exhibitions, we employ the best innovative OOH media vehicles to captivate your audience and deliver impact powerfully.

  • Guerilla Advertising

    Looking to catch your customers? We have just the bag of tricks. A smart mix of ambient and guerilla techniques (non-traditional, low-cost or no-cost ways of promoting and publicizing) will have your message ‘pop up’ in the unlikeliest of places – be it staircases, lift-doors, car parks or desk stationery – making your audience smile out, delightfully.

  • Print Advertising

    Whatever your product, service or idea, the power of a well-crafted idea splashed across the morning newspaper or evening journal remains incontestable, never mind the advances of the new (digital) media. And that’s exactly kind of campaign we help you create.

  • Media Buying

    Our unique media planning and buying dynamic - which we engineer through our partners - allows us mull more creatively and often buy more competitively than bigger media houses. If you want smart planning - complemented by the delight of discounted rates and the impact of desirable spaces - we have just the media contacts you would want to meet.


Is your brand sizzling enough to make heads turn? Nothing else is good enough. We help you with brand strategy, architecture, naming and design to (re) engineer a brand identity and experience that inspires, engages and enables your business…. to scale the next level.

  • Brand Creation

    Be it value-creation, positioning, naming, visual identity, language or tone of voice, giving birth to brands is one of the reasons we do what we do : Yes, it’s our over-riding passion. And our work shows.

  • Brand Naming

    What should your brand name be like? Descriptive, associative, free standing or abstract? Will it stand the test of time, or turn out to be a flash in the pan? And what about trade-marking, registration and URL management? Chill! Our expertise extends across every fact of the brand naming process.

  • Brand Refresh / Rebranding

    They’re different, of course. A refresh retains the existing name while a rebrand alters it altogether. Either way, we love to kiss brands back to life, whet customers’ and stakeholders’ periodic appetite for change, and explore new landscapes of success.

  • Sub Branding / Co-branding

    Does your brand have multiple sub-brands? We appreciate your predicament, because this can be dicey territory. Our experience with clients with similar challenges equips us with a well-honed understanding of the implications and issues of brand hierarchy, and, by extension, gives you an edge with co-branded partner communications.

  • Creative Brand Strategy

    What is your brand if not a jumble of perception and experiences, at the end of the day? To un-jumble, you need to endow it with a voice and tonality that’s in sync with its mind and soul. Through focused creative brand strategies that boost brand awareness optimally across communication channels, media and touch-points, we deploy a creative brand strategy and roadmap that’s just right – for the purpose you have in mind.

  • Brand Architecture

    If you want your brand to build a lasting reputation, you need to work your way up - from vision to values to promise to proposition. By helping our clients define and configure a healthy brand DNA, we help them build familiarity and recognition with the audiences that matter.

  • Brand Guidelines

    Guidelines help in maintaining a consistent pitch and balance to your brand voice. The trick is to ensure that it toes the mandates without being restrictive, allowing designers and writers the space for creative interpretation. We capture this elusive code by cobbling together mature guidelines across formats - from brand bibles to summary booklets – in print or digital.

  • Brand Activation

    Whether it’s a launch or re-launch, every time your brand rolls out in a new avatar, it needs high levels of cross-media engagement. That’s where our joined-up approach makes a difference – breathing life into high-octane, truly integrated campaigns designed around a singular, insightful thought.

  • Brand Guardianship / Brand Management

    Whether you are a Fortune 500 company looking to earn extra traction or newborn taking its first confident steps, we can be a guardian angel to your brand – steering it through the maze and confusion towards the promised land.


Corporate communications may be about talking to your stakeholders and internal teams, but that doesn’t mean it can do with any less engagement. By intuitively blending the best of copy, art and ideation, we devise stout programs that put a fresh spin on communication that can otherwise be staid, and achieve your goals, smartly.

  • Employee - Hearts and Minds

    Keeping your workforce aligned with your business goals needs careful dovetailing of emotion, imagery and language. Be it experiencing the brand, boosting morale or breaking news of the latest programs and launches, we make sure you tell a story that reflects your brand personality accurately, and grips your audience at multiple levels.

  • Employee - Internal Communications

    Change management. Gender issues. Environmental care. The trick to ensuring that these messages make a mark, is to think out of the box (and, every once in a while, throwing caution to the wind is a good idea!). We not only do that, but usually end up having plenty of fun doing so.


Leveraging the experience and insight of our teams, we help our clients develop a signature and unified voice across desktop, tablet and mobile through flawlessly conceived and powerfully implemented digital initiatives – be it responsive websites, compelling eDM campaigns, animation, apps, digital presentation tools, eLearning or ECRM strategies.

  • Digital Strategies

    Our know-how, domain insights and hardcore expertise come together to cobble up best ways forward for clients : e-highways that justify their digital ambitions, and take them there in the shortest possible time.

  • Website Design, Development and Usability

    How are you engaging your viewers? Is information flowing smoothly along the site architecture? How would a user rate the experience on your site? Is content management a breeze or bottleneck? Be it IA, UI, UX, DDA or CMS – trust our Site-Q to get on top of it.

  • SEO / PPC

    The right mix of Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization and smart web development techniques is how we bring in the eyeballs, and, once they’re in, ensure that they stick around.

  • Reporting

    You need to keep a hawk eye on your website to get a sense of the kind of ROI it is generating. Questions like who is visiting (and for how long), how are they consuming your content (laptop, mobile or tablet), which are your hero pages (and which the damp squibs), how strong is your campaign pull need curt answers. And that’s exactly what our sharp reportage provides, with the help of advanced analytics and web tools.

  • Social Media

    This is the age of social. And we help you make the most of it. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Google Plus, we custom craft content, tickle online PR networks and influence the ‘influencers’ to breathe life to social campaigns that help you go virals, winfans and stretch the buck.


Sure, we partner you on your journey to marketing success, but not before answering a few vital questions. Which way are you headed? How soon do you want to get there?Are you looking to retain your existing customers, or acquire new ones? How crucial are your customers to your growth plans? Are we addressing local, national or international audiences? It is only after these have been sorted out do we get to work, defining an optimal brand proposition, and charting appropriate online and offline marketing channels to optimize its impact.

  • Launch and Roll-out

    At heart, we remain creationists who firmly believe that everything (or everything worth its salt, anyways!) starts with a Big Bang! You, of course, get to experience the proof of the pudding – in the out-of-the-box ideas that fuel our memorable launch and roll-out strategies.

  • Channel Marketing

    One size doesn’t fit all, not when it comes to channel marketing. Differentiating between dealers and distributors. Delicately sidestepping the clash between direct and indirect sales. Ensuring that channel marketing assets, templates and guidelines are used correctly by the respective agencies. Our experience in helping enterprise clients get fragmented audiences onside, positions us strongly to guide you down the channels that matter.

Our Experience

We’re always proud to present examples of Maxim Marcom Thinking ranging
from fully finished projects to inspirational creative development work.
It doesn’t cover all our clients or all of our experience but it does reflect
what we love to do.

Our Combined Agency Sector Experience




  • Hao Shi NianNian
  • ARC Hospitality
  • China Club
  • Noo Ba
  • L'Angoor
  • MOODS Hospitality
  • Dimsum Bros
  • Yo! China
  • Wine Company
  • Dream Canteen
  • Lite Bite Foods
  • Street Food of India
  • Alchemist
  • Republic of Chicken
  • How About Chicken Today
  • Devyani International
  • Foodies Bar
  • Delhi Dare Devils Sports Bar
  • The Street Food
  • Ckrussh Juice Bar
  • Conexion Café
  • Costa
  • Vaango
  • The Good Times Sports Bar
  • The Grid Bar
  • Spice Lab
  • Zinos
  • Tandoori By Nature
  • Raw Leaf
  • Bakers Circle
  • Hot & Juicy
  • Golden Crust Breads
  • Dough Dough World Breads
  • Cookie Man
  • Aloha Café
  • Hog Dog
  • Country Inn & Suites By Carlson
  • Sohna Road Gurgaon, Sector 12 Gurgaon, UdyogVihar, Gurgaon, Goa, Bhiwadi, Meerut, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Bhatinda, Jaipur, Mussoorie, Ajmer, Mysore, Saket-Delhi, Satbari-Delhi
  • Golden Tulip
  • Jaipur, Neemrana, Goa
  • Tulip Inn Mussoorie
  • Barlow Ganj, Mall Road
  • The BurraBunglow
  • The Themes Hotel, Jaipur
  • Cygnett Inn
  • Ananta Pushker
  • Ananta Udaipur
  • Saffron Hotel
  • Radisson MBD Noida
  • Inde Hotels
  • Park Plaza
  • CDMS
  • Carlson
  • Nextra




  • Paras Hospital
  • AMEX
  • SOIL
  • Impulse Marketing




  • IPAN
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Physicool
  • Medtronic
  • Quash
  • Feather Touch
  • Relay
  • WHSmith
  • Fitness First
  • Club Platinum
  • Brooklands Museum




  • Akme
  • Shikhar Group
  • Shubham Build up
  • Madad Karenge
  • Samvedna India
  • Jiya Fashion Pretties
  • Spring Box Films Pvt. Ltd
  • NDDB Dairy Services

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The maxim marcom team comprises seasoned marcom professionals with different backgrounds but with one thing in common: We are passionate about creating change for clients, and having fun doing so. Walk into our office anytime of day, and you'll stumble across marketers, writers, designers:

The objective: Figure out how best to engage audiences with stories that are expertly crafted and memorably told.


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